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How is my gift to the Mean Green Scholarship Fund used by the athletics department? And why did the name change from Mean Green Club to Mean Green Scholarship Fund?

One hundred percent of Mean Green Scholarship Fund donations go to support funding student-athlete scholarships as well as personal and academic support programs for each of our 16 teams. The name change more accurately represents the philanthropic support given to North Texas student-athletes by all UNT alumni, friends, and fans.

Why did the membership levels change? When did membership levels last change?

These strategic changes, which are the first to occur to the levels since Apogee Stadium opened in 2011, ensure that North Texas Athletics continues to provide necessary scholarship funding for all Mean Green student-athletes. In addition to providing added resources for our department and enhanced benefits to all members, the revised levels better align our membership base and offer new opportunities to support the Mean Green. The new per seat Priority Seating structure also establishes a level playing field for season-ticket holders in required sections of Apogee Stadium and The Super Pit.

If I have season tickets for both football and basketball that have a per seat requirement, will I be required to make a contribution to satisfy both sports?

No, any member who has both football and basketball season tickets in a location that requires a Priority Seating contribution will only be required to make the higher of the two amounts, not the total amount for both sports. For example if you have two seats in Section 205 for football that require a contribution of $150 per seat, and two seats in Section 107 for men’s basketball with a $25 per seat requirement, a contribution of $300 would satisfy the requirement for both sports.

Why is my total gift due by June 30? What happens if I don’t make my total gift by June 30?

The June 30 membership deadline helps North Texas Athletics maintain fiscal responsibility and accountability by ensuring prompt payments on student-athlete scholarships, as well as accurately projecting revenue for planning and budgeting purposes. It is also important to meet the giving deadline to ensure member benefits, including game day parking privileges, are assigned and distributed in a fair manner. Gifts made after the June 30 giving deadline run the risk of not receiving their desired seat and/or parking location.

Is my Mean Green Scholarship Fund requirement for Priority Seating tax deductible?

As of January 1, 2018, donation requirements for season tickets are no longer 80 percent tax deductible. Any MGSF donations that are not tied to seat requirements (capital gifts, sport-specific gifts, and gifts above minimum seat requirements) are tax deductible. While the new tax law removes the benefit of a tax deduction on seat-related contributions, what remains unchanged is the philanthropic commitment needed to support Mean Green student-athletes. With all gifts donors should consult their tax advisor in regard to tax deductions resulting from charitable contributions.

Why was the Mean Green Scholarship Fund per seat requirement implemented after the new tax law went into effect?

Given the uncertain ramifications of the tax law changing, coupled with efforts to maintain fan-friendly timelines for 2018 season tickets and MGSF memberships, the new per seat requirements establish a level playing field for all Mean Green fans and season ticket holders. Additionally, the new model brings our fundraising methods in line with current industry standards across college athletics. North Texas Athletics remains actively engaged with tax attorneys and peer universities throughout the country to monitor and evaluate best practices related to seat-related contributions.

Will game day parking requirements be adjusted for the 2018 football and 2018-2019 basketball seasons?

Eligible Mean Green Scholarship Fund members must be a season-ticket holder for the respective sport in order to receive season parking benefits. Beginning with the 2018 football and 2018-19 basketball seasons, members will notice slight adjustments to the parking donation requirements. Football parking in the Blue Lot (formerly Red/Blue) will require a minimum gift of at least $300, while Reserved Parking Lot will require a minimum gift of $3,000. For basketball, a minimum gift of $100 qualifies members for season parking. For detailed parking maps, visit the Tickets & Parking page.

*Must be a season ticket holder in respective sport; lots may differ by sport; one (1) pass unless otherwise noted; lots subject to availability.

Membership Level

Minimum Gift Amount

Football Parking

Basketball Parking

Eagle Pride

$25 n/a n/a


$100 n/a Lot 20

Green & White

$300 1 Blue Lot 20

Victory Circle

$700 1 Blue Lot 20

Founders Circle

$1,890 2 Blue North Highland

Bronze Eagle

$3,000 1 Reserved North Highland

Silver Eagle

$7,500 1 Reserved & 1 Blue North Highland

Golden Eagle

$10,000 2 Reserved Highland Reserved

Diamond Eagle

$15,000 2 Reserved Highland Reserved

Platinum Eagle

$20,000 4 Reserved Highland Reserved

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